Chapter 34

I wasn’t very excited for my birthday at first. I really wanted to enjoy my special day on a beach and relax all day. Instead, I honored my word and came to St. Louis for a graduation. I’ve had a few sucky birthdays in my 30’s and I honestly didn’t think this one was going to be different. I promised myself that I would focus on self-care and not over exert myself.

“What does Dana want to do?” I often asked myself leading up to the weeks before my birthday. It’s always hard to get folks together around this time of year. There’s graduations, prom, end of the school year and several holidays. I just wanted to be in a nice surrounding and eat some of my favorite foods while in my hometown.

“It’s the little things and the joy they bring” -India Arie

As soon as I got off the plane and turned off airplane mode, my phone started going bonkers. While returning calls and text I headed to Hertz to pick up my car. Upon entering they noticed my birthday shirt that read, “Go Shorty is your birthday,” and upgraded my car. I was so happy because I’m use to driving an SUV so the Jeep Grand Cherokee was perfect!

The car came equipped with satellite radio. I’m not use to those luxuries, but I could so get use to it.


Located at 3133 Watson, St. Louis MO 63139

I made my first stop to Pint Size Bakery to pick up my cake.I’d had a slice at a friends party before and it was amazing! I chose vanilla bean flavor cake with vanilla bean buttercream icing. It had the perfect amount of sweetness.

After picking up the cake and getting a free birthday cupcake I made my way to my room for the week.

I chose to check out a new hotel in the Midtown area called Angad Arts Hotel. Angad Arts opened in November 2018. They house a restaurant, rooftop bar, and many beautiful art installations. There’s even a DJ and live music on certain days. Click here to see the event line-up. They offer color themed rooms symbolizing different moods.

The colors are Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. I originally booked the Green room, but arrived earlier than expected. The staff were so comforting and noticed a change in my mood.

“Contrary to what people may think, it’s not ok to cry on your birthday.”

Well that’s what Vanessa told me. She and Justin went above and beyond to ensure I had a great stay at this hotel.

While they waited for a room to become available, I walked down the street to The Best Steakhouse.

Disclaimer, I do not eat steak. What I do enjoy is their chicken and tip potatoes(you tip for onions and cheese.) I chose the chicken and shrimp, it’s my birthday so why not.

After finishing my meal the hotel called and informed me they had great news. While the room I requested, a green king loft room with tub, was unavailable, they were upgrading my room.

The new room exceeded my expectations. Justin booked me in the Blue 1 bedroom Grand Suite. The first thing I thought was, “now I can have guests come visit me instead of running all over town trying to accommodate everyone.” I’s tired, and the gift of peace of mind is the best gift I could have received.

I’m glad that I chose to come home for my birthday. I got to spend a lot of time with my family and I hadn’t done that in a year. It was real STL and thanks again Angad Arts for a pleasurable stay.

Author: The Moody Foodie

Hey there! My name is Dana and I thank you for stepping into my world. I'm A 30ish year old fearless foodie with a thirst for travel. I also love chick flicks, foosball, jewelry, and music. I'll be discussing food, various topics and travel. I hope you enjoy all of my moody moments :-)

4 thoughts

  1. Those purple stools! That cake! That blue room! ❤ ❤ ❤ Happy Birthday. It sounds like you did a great job of celebrating YOU. I'm all about that. I celebrate me whole birthday month, ha ha.


  2. Dana this is so dope. You got me thinking of doing a staycation at that hotel fam! Dope photos per usual! I appreciate this post.

    Ps: You can never go wrong with BEST STEAK HOUSE! Tip potatoes and Chicken for the win!!


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