Out on a Whim

I’ve been exploring Houston, Texas for ten months as of today. Being away from everything that is familiar to me has its challenges, but I’m managing quite well. Slowly I’ve gotten back into hobbies I’d once abandoned, like reading. Right now I’m reading, “Year Of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. “Yes” is a word I don’t say often, but I’m listening to Shonda and have added it back to my vocabulary.

D0F61D52-190C-4FF8-831A-8DF332CDA00AThis weekend I promised myself that I’d get out of my comfort zone and do some things that I’ve been saying, “no” to lately. I went to a party, met some nice people, danced and had a great time. I stayed out super late which made it hard for me to get up Sunday morning, but I had another obligation.

I’m usually the person behind the camera taking food pics and shooting other people. When a camera is aimed my way I still smile hard and say “cheese” like a kid on picture day. I prefer candid photos, but I’ve been practicing for this day. I am now the subject.

Mood Swing

My bestie and I checked out The Whimsy World with my God-daughter in tow. The Whimsy World is located at 16160 City Walk, Houston TX 77479. It’s an art exhibit by Shelby Nicole running from March 25-April 28th. It features various rooms and areas with picturesque art installations. We took full advantage and even managed to get the baby to cooperate for a few snaps. Here are a few of the pictures we took.

Brittany and Aubrey
“I paint my own reality”
Cloud 9
“Let it Go” -Keisha Cole
That’s all folks!

Author: The Moody Foodie

Hey there! My name is Dana and I thank you for stepping into my world. I'm A 30ish year old fearless foodie with a thirst for travel. I also love chick flicks, foosball, jewelry, and music. I'll be discussing food, various topics and travel. I hope you enjoy all of my moody moments :-)

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  1. You look awesome! Your photos are so fun and your God-Daughter … swoon. She’s so sweet. I haven’t read that book yet but it’s on my list. You’ve got me thinking about saying yes more…<3


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