Rooftop Cinema Club

Yesterday I attended my first Yelp Elite event. Initially it was postponed due to weather, but the rain stayed away so Dana could play. Even as the sunset, it was still perfect weather to watch a movie on a rooftop.

“Not too cold, not too hot. All you need is a light jacket”

-Miss Congeniality

Rooftop Cinema Club is located at 1700 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056 and they show Pop Culture films. The movie of the evening was “Selena” which I was excited to see because I just heard J.Lo(Jennifer Lopez) who plays Selena, got engaged to ex-MLB player A-Rod(Aaron Rodriguez.) There’s free parking in the garage below the rooftop. When you get to the rooftop you can see all the bright colors and greenery, it’s very hard to miss. The setup is beautiful making it perfect for photo ops.


The bar has a list of about 10 cocktails at $12 a piece. I tried 2 of them, the Apollonia and Bohemian 75. Both of which were equally refreshing. If I had to choose based on flavor, I’d go with Apollonia, as the Bohemian was more bubbly. The Bohemian 75 would be A great brunch drink.

I made the mistake of eating before Visiting the venue but after drinking and socializing while waiting for the movie to start my appetite returned. They have regular movie treats like popcorn and candy but they also have a Good Dog on site.

If you’re not familiar with Good Dog, it’s A Houston based restaurant that serves gourmet hotdogs and scratch made condiments. I’ve visited one of their locations in Houston’s Heights area and was very impressed. This evening I was torn between which dog to get and they gave me both.

Ol Zapata and Guac-A-Dog

When it’s time for the movie to start you head towards the box office and they give you a pair of head phones.

Comfy Headphones

Then you get to choose your seat. I have to admit that they aren’t the most comfy being a curvy girl, but they have pillows on the head area. I think another pillow for where your bum goes can easily correct the discomfort.

Theater area

Overall, I see myself coming here again. They show a lot of my favorite movies like “Dirty Dancing,” “Dreamgirls,” and “The Notebook” which make Rooftop Cinema Club perfect for a girls night out or even a date.


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