Chicken Wings and Other Things

2331E158-B80D-4C70-B90A-0B7359677CA3The other night I was talking long distance with my cousin in Japan and we discussed how people like to remind you of where you came from. Like, how can you forget something like that, lol? I really think the phrase is only used when you start to evolve, because I only remember it being used towards me starting around the age of 26. Before then, mmmm not so much.

This got me thinking back to my youth, the things I’ve experienced and events that have shaped me into the person I am now.  Then I had a random thought about what to cook for Sunday dinner (ADHD kicked in on 10😂) When I peeped it was National Chicken Wing Day I reminisced  of these Hawaiian chicken wings my Aunt use to make. I hadn’t had any in years!

Today I made those wings and boyyyy I tell you they were just as good as the ones my Aunt use to make(insert cabbage patch.) I paired them with Pineapple fried rice and snap peas. I have to admit, I didn’t follow the recipe I just linked. Come to think of it, I’ve never been one to follow directions. I used it as a guideline, but made it to my liking.  For example, I used white rice, omitted the nuts, sriracha and peas. Nor did I use chicken or bacon. I did add minced ginger and it still turned out fire!

If I sent this to my Aunt I’m sure she’d say “Gon’ boo boo,” because she too sometimes reminds me of the summers I spent there. While I spent lots of time bullshitting around with my cousins (I have soooo many stories,) I still learned a lot. I learned to clean, navigate through the city and I really think it helped me to become more independent.

So when someone reminds me of how I use to be, I don’t think about the negative experiences that I know they try to insinuate, I remember all the people that impacted my life that helped me become the fearless woman I am now.

Author: The Moody Foodie

Hey there! My name is Dana and I thank you for stepping into my world. I'm A 30ish year old fearless foodie with a thirst for travel. I also love chick flicks, foosball, jewelry, and music. I'll be discussing food, various topics and travel. I hope you enjoy all of my moody moments :-)

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